Our successful Ipso trainings enter a new round: This fall we are offering Value Based Counseling (VBC) trainings for people interested in culturally sensitive, native-language psychosocial counseling, thus giving them an exciting job perspective.

Our trainings in Berlin are aimed at multilingual psychologists and psychotherapists and in particular people with a migrant background who have studied psychology or were social workers in their home country.

Please find detailed information and the possibility to apply for our trainings here.

In our previous courses in Germany, we have already trained 92 participants with a refugee or migration background as psychosocial counselors. Forty-two of them are counseling people in need of psychosocial support in our centers in Berlin, Hamburg and Erfurt and via our secure video platform https://www.ipso-care.com, currently in 15 languages. Other counselors trained by Ipso are working for other institutions or were able to start studying after their training.