Online counseling in Malteser shelters now available nationwide

Internet Point

Since 2021, Ipso has been offering psychosocial counseling in cooperation with Malteser Werke in Malteser shelters in North Rhine-Westphalia. Due to the positive results, the project can now support people in shelters nationwide.

The cooperation project offers psychosocial counseling for residents, mostly people who have had psychosocially stressful or traumatic experiences in their home countries, during their flight or in their new living situation in Germany.

In January 2021, so-called Internet Points were set up in nine Malteser Werke shelters in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Internet Points are private rooms with a computer that the residents can book with the help of the social workers on site in order to have an undisturbed individual conversation online with a counselor in the respective native language.

Ten shelters have now been added in five additional states. As a result, psychosocial support from Ipso is now additionally available in Chemnitz, Karlsruhe, Eggenstein, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Schneeberg, Lorch and Bad Schwalbach.

In total, 1547 sessions were booked in 2021 and 350 clients benefited from Ipso’s online psychosocial counseling services in a total of 16 different languages.