Annual Report 2019

Ipso Annual Report 2019

The year 2019 gave Covid-19 its name, but from a European perspective, it was part of the pre-pandemic era, and on first sight it seems that a review could not be anything other than nostalgic. A closer look however shows that 2019 provided challenges and successes in their own right. Afghanistan went through an exhausting process of electing a president in a political and social environment rife with conflict. In these difficult times, Ipso provided psychosocial support and fostered sociocultural dialogue in the context of various projects across the country. In Germany, Ipso intensified its engagement for refugees and migrants. Integration takes time, and mental health care supporting this process continued to be in high demand. In 2019, we enjoyed being able to support many people also in Ukraine and Jordan, to widen our expertise and to learn each day from our beneficiaries. Please find our Annual Report 2019 here for download: Annual Report 2019 – screen version or Annual Report 2019 – print version A4