Our counseling services in Berlin

At our Ipso Care Center in Berlin, our counsellors currently offer the following languages:

Arabic Italian Turkish
Burmese Kurmanci  
Dari Malinke  
English Russian  
Farsi Serbian  
French Somali  
Fula & Pular Susu  

Face – to-face appointments at the Ipso Care Center Berlin, Hohenstaufenstr. 31, 10779 Berlin, can be arranged by telephone or in person.

Information to our open consultation hours, appointments and languages provided are available by phone (030 55 077 203) Monday to Friday between 9am -5 pm. Our services are open to all refugees or migrants.

Our psychosocial counseling is currently provided through a network of partner organisations and refugee shelters across Berlin. Warm thanks to our partners for the productive collaboration and trust.

For more information on the Ipso training courses or possible partnerships do contact Sophie Kortenbruck s.kortenbruck@ipsocontext.org, Tel 030 21 94 58 30.