Help for Helpers with “Razom – United at Ipso”

Counseling situation showing to men talking with each other

With our project Razom – United at Ipso we offer our expertise on mental health, self-care and intercultural issues for main and voluntary supporters of people from Ukraine or with refugee experiences from other contexts. Razom means together in Ukrainian.

The enormous amount of help that host families, volunteers, social workers and social pedagogues provide is enriching but can also pose emotional challenges. We would like to offer our support in the form of webinars, online discussion groups and one-on-one meetings.


Based on our culture-sensitive counseling approach Value Based Counseling (VBC) and our experience in intercultural communication, our psychologists offer free webinars on intercultural understanding, communication in an intercultural context, trauma (consequences) and self-care.

"raZoom"-Talks: Individual appointments for groups and one-on-one meetings

In addition to fixed webinar dates, Razom also offers the possibility of organizing appointments for one-to-one meetings (supervision) as well as for small and larger groups on request and within 48 hours. Send your request to: Further information about the project as well as dates, registration for the newsletter etc. can be found on our project website: