Ipso Care Center Thuringia

Our Counseling Center in Erfurt offers face-to-face counseling in seven languages and arranges online counseling in further languages for those who cannot access the platform www.ipso-care.com from home. The Center has become a vital part of a broad network of organizations providing support for refugees and migrants in all of Thuringia.

Psychosocial face-to-face counseling in the following languages:
Arabic, Dari / Farsi, Russian, Somali, Tigrinya, Amharic, German

Ipso Care Center Thuringia
Schillerstraße 26
99096 Erfurt

0361 / 3468909

Counseling appointments:
Call 0361 / 3468909, send an email to s.schubert@ipsocontext.org or visit us at the center. Our service is confidential, free of charge, not limited to local residents, and you do not need to give your real name.

Additional services:
Group sessions on demand

For online counseling in additional languages visit:

Project management:
Susette Schubert, s.schubert@ipsocontext.org, phone: 0361 / 3468909, mobile: 0179 / 4263538

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