Psychosocial Center       in Kabul

Ipso has more than ten years of experience in providing psychosocial support to the Afghan population. Value Based Counseling (VBC) has been integrated into the Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS), the Essential Package of Hospital Services (EPHS) and the National Mental Health Strategy of the Ministry of Public Health. While the capacities of the Public Health Services at large have improved significantly over the years, they are however still severely limited. Ipso’s Psychosocial Center in Kabul was set up for two purposes: firstly, to create a center of excellence in Kabul as a facility that keeps standards of Value Based Counseling high, provides best practices, research, support and training, and secondly, to provide more extensive services than can be offered by the counselors working in overcrowded and overstretched governmental health clinics. The services of the Center include Value Based Counseling provided face-to-face, online through the platform or by mobile phone, as well as support groups, life-skill groups, mediation in family conflicts and raising awareness of mental health issues and psychosocial stressors.