Psychosocial Counseling in Ukrainian and Russian

Screenshot from Ukrainian VBC-Trainees

War and refugee experiences are fundamentally stressful experiences that have a strong impact on the psychosocial wellbeing of the people affected. This is also confirmed by many people who have fled to Germany from the Ukraine.*

The needs of Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking people for psychosocial counseling have risen enormously since the war of aggression against Ukraine.

In order to support people coming to Germany from Ukraine with our Value Based Counseling (VBC) in the best way possible, Ipso further trained Ukrainian psychologists as part of a cooperation with the Malteser Werke.

With 200 conversations available per week, online through our video platform, in person at our counseling centers or via our Ipso-care mobile app, we support Ukrainian and Russian speaking people.

Our counselors advise clients in their native language and within the framework of our culture-sensitive, value based and non-judgmental VBC approach.

More information on psychosocial counseling at Ipso-care at: