Psychosocial Peacebuilding

Psychosocial Peacebuilding is based on the idea that in the aftermath of armed conflict dividing communities, individuals can become agents of change in support of a bottom-up approach to peacebuilding. Ipso has been involved in psychosocial peacebuilding in Afghanistan since 2013 and has published a Position Paper on the recent UNDP Guidance Note Integrating Mental […] Read more...

Drawn picture of harmonic Family

Support Groups for Men and Women in LAF Shelters against Domestic Violence

In cooperation with the State Office for Refugee Affairs Berlin (LAF) Ipso is running a pilot project from October to December 2022, aiming to raise awareness about issues related to domestic violence. Read more...


Sociocultural Container project in Afghanistan (discontinued)

Development of civil society in Afghanistan through the enhancement of individual psychosocial skills as a basis for social participation and integration. Read more...