Support Groups for Men and Women in LAF Shelters against Domestic Violence

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In cooperation with the State Office for Refugee Affairs (LAF) Ipso is running a pilot project from October to December 2022, aiming to raise awareness about issues related to domestic violence. Through group workshops we work with women and men separately, either at our center in Berlin or in participating LAF shelters in Berlin. The groups are divided into two types:
  • a short-term group over a period of four weeks
  • and a long-term group running over the course of eight weeks, for more in-depth discussions and space for personal development and self-building.

During the group sessions our counselors try to facilitate a structured dialogue, which enables participants to delve into themselves in a safe environment. They are able to think and connect with their beliefs and the beliefs of others, and challenge some of the notions they have about conflict and violence.

Participants are also able to share some aspects of their personal stories, which creates a unique and rich space for reflection. We reflect, as individuals and as a group, on the stories and topics presented to foster a shared sense of understanding, empathy and personal development.

Each session a new topic is introduced that builds on the topics discussed in the previous sessions. While most of the session’s content comes from the participants themselves, the facilitators can also provide examples or suggest certain exercises and role plays. The exercises allow participants to imagine themselves in various situations, sometimes quite different than what they usually encounter outside the session, hence creating a dynamic space for learning and gaining more insights about themselves and others.

One of the positive outcomes of these sessions is that they allow participants to see a possibility of change. This can be beneficial to their own mental well-being, and might give them a better quality of life with their families and loved ones.

These sessions are offered in both Persian and Arabic.


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