Our work is based on strong partnerships. It includes:
Value Based Counseling
Project Development and Implementation
Capacity Building
Support of Ongoing Projects
Let's develop strategies together on how we can create synergies!

We have long-standing and well-proven experience in supporting vulnerable people and communities in crisis areas. Since 2015/16, we have also been working on setting up an innovative supply structure for refugees in Germany.

Our MHPSS and VBC services enable us to provide:

  • an innovative, low-threshold, culturally sensitive holistic psychosocial counseling approach
  • an approach at the interface of psychological treatment and social work that fulfils the desideratum of primary care that is available at short notice and is demonstrably effective
  • a scalable method focused on restoring agency and self-efficacy
  • needs-based coordinated measures at both individual and community levels
  • a pluricultural network of value-based counselors with appropriate background and cultural experience from more than 20 nations or cultures involving over 20 different mother tongues
  • high quality standards and consistent quality management

Let us meet the challenges in the health and social systems together and develop synergies as cooperation partners to improve and sustainably strengthen support systems for vulnerable people and communities!

Our MHPSS and VBC services enable us to:

  • provide a low-threshold psychosocial counseling service that is conducted in the mother tongue by people with similar background and cultural experience and can immediately establish the essential success factors – trust and understanding
  • empower individuals and communities to create the conditions for successful integration
  • provide a wide range of possible uses falling between psychological treatment and social work, which we customise to match the situation as well as the corresponding objectives and requirements
  • provide a wide range of cooperation options: we will design, develop, implement and scale projects with you and create the needs-based coordinated measures required at individual and community levels as well as those needed for violence prevention
  • provide other services in the MHPSS sector: consulting, monitoring and evaluating

Help us to support psychologically stressed vulnerable people in conflict and crisis areas or those with violence, flight and/or migration experiences so that they can regain their agency and use their full potential!

Our MHPSS and VBC services enable us to:

  • provide an innovative approach: that is holistic, low-threshold, value-based, culturally sensitive, resource- and future-oriented
  • provide a broad range of effects in the chain of inner peace, interpersonal peace, social and societal peace – as building modules for international understanding and reconciliation
  • create great options for needs-based development and implementation in the care gap between the health and social systems
  • focus on specific funding priorities


If you are qualified for the social or therapeutic fields and are interested in working as one of our VBC counselors, we cordially invite you to join our network and apply for advanced training at our Academy.

Our MHPSS and VBC services enable us to:

  • provide a value-based, culture-sensitive method – VBC – that does not pathologise but creates a symmetrical, empathetic relationship with people seeking support
  • provide advanced training that opens horizons and sharpens self-awareness
  • provide a professional field with “purpose” that has a huge community area and ample scope for self-development


We continuously run courses to become licensed VBC counselors: for educators, psychologists and social workers who want to work in a humanitarian context.

Please provide us with your contact details if you are interested in applying or receiving invitations to our information events. You can also apply directly here.


If you have any questions or project inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.