Helping people help themselves – refugees for refugees

  • Supporting the training for psychosocial counselors for refugees.

PHINEO-Wirkt-Siegel_EK_2018_07_Web_Farbe_quer_312pxWe want to offer a culturally sensitive, resilience- and resource-oriented psychosocial counseling for refugees in their own language to cope better with the transition to their new situation. We want to train qualified refugees to become psychosocial counsellors who will be able to support people from their own culture through direct contact or via our online video portal The counseling allows people to reconnect to their potential and find a way out of their victimised state.


IPSO gGmbH has formed a large network of psychosocial counselors for the public health system in Afghanistan. Additionally, a psychosocial video online counseling portal was built in Afghanistan with the support of the German Foreign Office. It reaches many people in Afghanistan and has proved to be an excellent tool.

IPSO tranfers this knowledge now to Germany.
A training will be offered to refugees who have an appropriate educational background.

The training includes a 3-month intensive training followed by 9-month practical work with close supportive supervision. The counselors will work in refugee camps and through the Online tool The people, who are forced to escape today to Europe, will later take their acquired skills back into their countries.

This 1-year training for one person will be financed with 4500,- €.

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