Our work needs many fellow campaigners and supporters in politics, business, and civil society.
Through your donation you will be contributing to the sustainable development of our psychosocial counseling services for refugees. You will be simultaneously helping us to become promptly involved in current conflict and crisis areas where there are no adequate healthcare and social systems.
Your donation makes a difference!
Your donation will help us to further expand our network of psychosocial counselors worldwide and to provide rapid assistance in acute crisis and conflict areas.
We want people to have short-term access to professional, trustworthy psychosocial counseling in a life crisis, regardless of their location, national, cultural and social background or sexual orientation.
In order to achieve this goal, we, on the one hand, continuously train qualified professionals from the fields of psychology, education and social work in our approach of Value Based Counseling (VBC) to become psychosocial counselors. On the other hand, we continuously develop our concepts: through a demanding quality management and through regular effectiveness tests in the form of scientific evaluation. This enables us to provide timely professional support to people in need and crisis situations everywhere. We develop, implement and scale needs- and situation-oriented concepts of psychosocial support, taking into account the respective prerequisites, framework conditions and financial possibilities.
How you can support us

Donate together – give joy and spread hope

Use happy occasions in your family, amongst friends, at work, at school, in your club, etc., to celebrate and to give joy and spread hope. You might want to try it out and discover what you gain from it. You might also want to give something that cannot be bought: a new sense of community in connection with other people and an effectiveness that exceeds your own and your mutual scope of action.

Create your own online donation campaign according to your wishes – or perhaps you would prefer to do it more conveniently by basing it on our template.

If you have any questions or project inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.