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سلام وعليکم

We are IPSO – International Psychosocial Organisation.

We specialise in psychosocial support and mental health care, and we combine these activities with promoting local culture as well as socio-cultural dialogues as a means and path to peace and reconciliation. We are committed to making a paradigm shift in mental health care that focuses on self-efficacy and the ability to consciously shape one’s own life. We see psychosocial support as being a cross-sectional task that is needed in all health care and humanitarian work sectors.

Our fields of activity

Our IPSO Care system is based on our Value Based Counseling (VBC) method. We provide low-threshold access to our psychosocial counseling in the relevant mother tongues through our professional licensed counselors: during personal conversations in our psychosocial centres, in care points provided by our partners as well as from any location that can access our IPSO Care online platform at or by using our IPSO Care App.

IPSO Academy
IPSO Academy

Our IPSO Academy trains educators and psychologists as well as social workers with an appropriate professional background to become licensed psychosocial VBC counselors working both offline and online. Our advanced training programme is supplemented through advanced training for people working in the MHPSS sector as well as our self-care and prevention programmes.

Psychosocial Peacebuilding
Psychosocial Peacebuilding

Our holistic approach enables us to work on a chain of impact that starts with an individual’s inner peace and self-efficacy, encompasses their family and community, and strives to expand civil society. It involves empowering individuals and communities and combines psychosocial well-being with sociocultural dialogues to reflect their cultural and social identities.


We develop needs-based professional concepts in the MHPSS sector that are focused on the respective cultural and organisational possibilities and project needs. The range of our work extends from specific needs-based measures or packages of measures for designing, developing, implementing, and scaling projects for developing and implementing infrastructures that will cover the psychosocial support needs.

What we do
The focus of our work is Psychosocial Support (MHPSS), the heart of which is our Value Based Conseling. Our international commitment includes local capacity building, low-threshold help for self-help and psychosocial peacebuilding. Since 2015/16 we have been working on setting up an innovative supply structure for refugees in Germany: We use the resources of a migration society for successful integration.
Our partners
We express our deep gratitude to our donors and partners for their support
We owe Dr. Michael Otto essential stimuli for our work in Germany. His vigorous and generous support over many years laid the foundation for our psychosocial support for refugees, which is now available countrywide. Our greatest thanks go to him.
For twelve years, the German Federal Foreign Office was a reliable partner for our work in Afghanistan. Its steady support enabled us to establish comprehensive psychosocial care in Afghanistan.
Public authorities and institutions
International institutions
Scientific/medical institutes
Civil society organisations
We would like to sincerely thank the team members at Strichpunkt Design, who have designed our website on a pro bono basis with huge commitment and for their very stimulating and enriching collaboration: Lea Schulte-Rödding, Luzie Bayreuther, Maria Hiegelsberger, Maria Strodt, Martina Hofschneider, Maximilian Tolksdorf, Moritz Scharnhop, Paul Brian Judt
If you have any questions or project inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.