“I choose to consider myself a survivor, not a victim. But without empathy it would not be easy for me.” Ipso client

من انتخاب کردم که خودم را یک فرد زنده در نظر بگیرم نه فردی ضعیف و بدون همدلی این کار برای من آسان نبود

از طرف يك مراجعه كننده به ipso

“Winners are not those who never fail. But those who never quit.” Ipso Client

“Gewinner sind nicht diejenigen, die nie scheitern, sondern diejenigen, die nie aufgeben.” Ipso Klient


“I used to think I know myself, and now I realized I have still a lot to learn about me.” Ipso client

كنت اعتقد انني أعرف نفسي والآن أدركت أنه علي تعلم الكثير عن نفسي. 

من أحد زوار ايبسو

“No matter how strong and smart you are, sometimes you need just someone to be there, to help you to get to know yourself better.” Ipso client

“Non importa quanto forte o intelligente tu sia, a volte c’è solo bisogno di qualcuno al nostro fianco, per capire meglio noi stessi.” Cliente di Ipso

“Don’t ask yourself ‚Why did it happen to me?’, but  rather: ‘What can I do to develop a good life now.” Ipso client

“Frage Dich nicht “Warum ist das passiert?”, sondern “Was kann ich tun, um ein gutes Leben zu führen?”. Ipso Klient