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Developing a Sustainable Infrastructure for Value Based Counseling for the Psychosocial Care of Refugees and People with a Migration Background in Thuringen
Funded by the Free State of Thuringen, Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health, Women and Family

The “Psychosocial counseling and support for refugees/people with experience of flight and migration” project started in 2016 to 2017 with the advanced training of 30 refugees living in Thuringen to become psychosocial counselors in order to establish a comprehensive, low-threshold, mother-tongue and culturally sensitive psychosocial counseling network for refugees in Thuringen and simultaneously qualify suitably qualified refugees for the German labour market.

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Our IPSO Care Center opened in Erfurt in May 2017. The psychosocial counselors working in Thuringen are active in the in-person and online counseling environments (via as well as in awareness-raising and educational work. IPSO care points have been established in numerous districts and independent cities in order to make the counseling services known throughout Thuringen.

The sustainable success of the project is justified by the following success factors:

  • The project is known throughout Thuringen and its profile continues to grow through our care points.
  • 2,000 psychosocial talks are held in the relevant mother tongue each year. Psychoeducational group work is also provided.
  • Our counseling services are available both in person and online. This means easier access, especially for people from rural regions with poor connections and services, which often makes it possible for them to take advantage of our services. 21 languages are now available through the connection to our Germany-wide consulting network.
  • Our psychosocial counselors are closely connected to their communities and do constant awareness work in them as well as distributing information material in several languages.
  • Public sector funding has been continuous for seven years because our services have always been convincing.


Do you need psychosocial support in your mother tongue?
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We welcome enquiries from organisations about our psychosocial counseling services, psychoeducational group work as well as developing new IPSO care facilities in Thuringen:

Susette Schubert
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