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Psychosocial and Mental Health Center Kabul
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Supported by the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany up to 2022 and continued in cooperation with Caritas international in 2023

After our IPSO Afghanistan NGO was founded, VBC was integrated into the Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) in 2011–2016 with support from the EU and the Federal Foreign Office. The state health system’s capacities improved considerably during this time, but they still showed great potential for expansion in view of the huge need for action. This is why we established our Psychosocial and Mental Health Center Kabul in 2016. It is the centre for online counseling services throughout Afghanistan and it provides more comprehensive mental health services than are available in largely overcrowded and overburdened government clinics.

VBC was integrated in the Afghan health system
Continued in cooperation with Caritas international

A day care centre is attached to the centre. Its services include support groups, life skills groups, mediating family conflicts and educating people with regard to mental health and psychosocial stressors. A psychiatric examination and, if needed, care are provided by psychiatrists and a medical assessment of psychosomatic symptoms is also provided by doctors.



The need for the centre’s services is greater today than ever before. We are pleased and grateful that we have been able to maintain operations in cooperation with Caritas international through their support as well as that from private donors to date, despite the difficult political conditions that humanitarian projects find themselves in when working in Afghanistan. We would also like to thank the Federal Foreign Office, which made founding the centre possible in 2016 and supported us up to 2022.




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The Project was supported up to 2022 by:
continued in cooperation with Caritas international in 2023
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